Thursday, October 12, 2017

Weekly Rotations

Hello again Bloggers,

  I have started a weekly rotation for some of the WIP's I have laying around (not many). My first WIP is Holiday Main Street by Ursula Michael. I am stitching it on called for fabric (14 ct) and the recommended DMC's. My second is called January and it is from the 2009 daily cross stitch calendar. It is also 14 ct on beige aida. I am not a big fan of beads and the HAED or Mariabilia projects. I perfer smaller and quicker to finish designs.

My third WIP is a Halloween Banner from Stoney Creek. and the last WIP is also a banner from Stoney Creek with a Christmas Moose on it. As holidays come up (Halloween, christmas..etc) I will be changing out projects for that month. Right now I have a Halloween and a Christmas going and once Halloween is over I will start on a New Year project. Same thing for after Christmas. I will start Valentines. You get the idea.

The weather in St Louis is getting colder and the seasonal rains are coming through. Itzy is loving the fresh air in her window and loves to curl up under my blankets at night (she hates cold). I am hoping to have a new job by November 1st. so cross your stitches for me!!

Wk 3 Halloween banner

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Yes I have discovered video blogs on YouTube. I may never make a vlog, but I have come to enjoy a few of them and have subscribed to their site. The Twisted Stitcher is quickly one of my favorites because of the finishing vids she has.

OMG I never realized how much time goes into finishing some of the things, like a Christmas stocking! Don't think I will be doing that for the near future.

So I recently did a stash shopping trip for a few new projects. Come to find out that the sale @ walworld is not all it was advertised to be. Only certain threads were on the .25 sale. So after getting the 5 I could get at that price I went to HL and picked up the rest at .53/skein. From now on when I need floss I will try and find it online and at a discount.

Reaper is finished

OK so Candy Reaper got done on Aug 20. I love Halloween and other Holidays. So from the end of July till Oct 1st I am working on Halloween projects (ornaments, wall hangings, etc.) Then from October until December 25th I will be doing Christmas, and winter projects. I am hoping next year to do a rotation type schedule, but who knows, just see how it goes. So hop onto my Flicker and see the Reaper

Monday, August 7, 2017

Candy Reaper

So started a new project called Candy Reaper. Its from the cross stitch calendar series I got some years ago. It stitches up easily and should be done in a week or two. Now to just find a job so I can afford to add to my stash. Will post another pic this week on my progress.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Heat is ON

I live in the Midwest and the weather lately has been Beastly!! Last night we had a bad storm roll though. It knocked power out for a few hours. Fortunately when you live next to the hospital your electric comes back on first. We were out of power for about 3 hours. I hate storms and when the power went out I was stitching. Talk about mad. I stabbed my finger. But here is the progress on the Larkspur flower I am making for a friend.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A quiet night

Life is just getting in the way of my stitching time!! Well I am solving that this year. I have moved out of the bad situation I was living and find myself in a healthier environment. Itzy loves it also. So since November (move in date) I have completed a few ornaments and the work on my villages continues. Right now I am working on "Quiet" by Marianne Savage.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Almost done

Well i am almost done with this little quickie. Its been great being able to stitch more. Now that spring is coming around i might not get as many projects done, but who knows.

Weekly Rotations

Hello again Bloggers,   I have started a weekly rotation for some of the WIP's I have laying around (not many). My first WIP is Holida...