Friday, May 4, 2012

Blah Blah Blah

Stitching Blahs?? They DONT exist! Ok now that I got THAT lie out of my system, we all suffer from the blahs from time to time. Wether its from illness or lack of energy after running around all day for everyone else, we ALL get it. Meari u too! Seriously though, how do you get past these blahs? For myself, I put it away for a few days or more. I was having a hard time one night trying to do some quarter stitching and it was frustrating me and I put it down and didn't feel like finishing it. Unfortunately my OCD won't let me not finish something. So after a few days of playing WOW and not doing ANY stitching, I was able to refocus on my Tigger. So after much cussing, blahs, and determination here is Tigger.



  1. Tigger looks fabulous. Can't believe how a small pattern like that can give so much trouble. But I know the feeling.

  2. LOL, Smurfy! I guess I'm lucky... I don't get the blahs where I don't feel like stitching. Not being able to stitch because of work, school, or illness doesn't neccesarily means the blahs for me because at those times I *still* want to stitch.

    Your tigger is so cute!

  3. I have dishes blahs and other housework blahs and I cure them with stitching! No matter how tired I am, the needle does the magic.

  4. Tigger is so cute! I just love him.

  5. Tigger looks great. Glad your blah's didn't last more than a few days...may all of out blah's be that short!


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