Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tigger - final phase

Well with a lot of cussing and more vision deteriorating, I have made more progress on Tigger. After stitching this on a 12 (least it looks like it), I think im gonna retry on a 16 aida. This should shrink him a bit and cover more fabric. If this stupid rain would clear out and my AC ever gets fixed then I will be able to get some more patterns done.

DBF has a blistering rash in a circle on his inner thigh I am a bit worried about. I have ruled out brown recluse bite since it has been 4 days since its apparence. Hoping its just a grass bug he got from doing bushes at work. He is lawn care for a large apartment complex and I'm worried he will find a brown recluse or a snake or worse. Ah well cant do anything until something happens. If it dosent change in a day or so I might have to see about getting him to a doctors on the weekend.

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