Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Very Scary night

For those of you who have ever lived in a trailer, you can understand how scary it can be when you get a small fire. These things are a true death trap. Well last night, the trailer over from me and up one was deliberatly set on fire and  in a matter of minutes was totally engulfed. It was a 3 alarm fire.  It took the fireman over 4 hours to make sure it was totally out. The trailer had a wooden garage attached to it and it caused damage to the trailer next to it. The trailer on the other side was also vacant and has some damage but for the most part is still intack. Like I said it was set deliberately but no one understands why. The family next to it has 2 kids and have been remodeling their trailer for a long time. This fire caused melting to the side of their house but it is still liveable. BF and I have been helping them with getting electric and any thing else they need. No one around here slept last night.

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