Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So my next project I am working on is a pair of wolves  by Dimensions. This chart is 73x106 stitches, so not a bap but big enough to keep me busy for a few weeks. This chart I am doing for DBF as he has a passion for wolves and bears. I have decided to sell the smaller pieces I do like the Tigger I just finished. I don't have the money to finish them in frames or anything else, and it gives people a chance to make it into whatever they want. One lady told me she was going to stitch the one she got from me into her quilt she was making. So if anyone sees a finish on here and wants to find out the cost, just email me privately and I will let ya know.

Here is the beginning of the one wolf. it is easy to stitch because of the lack of quarter stitches. It still has half stitches but those are simple. Hope to get this done by July.

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