Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of 2015

Well another year has come and gone and all in all its been ok. First half of the year I struggled not to kill family members and succeeded. May was a bad month for health reasons. I had a bad case of sepsis and was in the hospital for a week. July came and the day mom kicked me out I started a great job making 14 an hr and the next day moved in with my boyfriend. So I was very happy. Then back in October my car died and so in order to keep working I had to move back home and use Moms car. So until I get wheels again I am stranded here in miseryland. The brother is loosing his mind from all the drinking and smoking. He is now on oxygen and steroids because of his lungs, so now we have Roid rage to deal with on top of all the other drama!!

My stitching has been a sanity saver. I have finished two medium size projects and several small ones. If I ever get around to shooting them I will post them. If you want to see my other projects find me on Facebook (Aunt_Lori).

Hope you all have a safe 2016!!

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